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Office Life: 5 Ways to Fake Your Way to a Promotion

What steps do you take to try and get noticed in the office? Do you work hard, put in long hours, and sit back and wait for the praise to start rolling in? Of course you do. That’s the best way to get ahead in today’s workplace. Or is it?

What about those people who quickly shoot up the corporate ladder, without really trying all that hard? We all know the type. These are the same people that got good grades in school without spending countless hours studying or even attending class. How do they get by doing so little, while you’re burning the candle at both ends? What exactly are these people doing to fool everyone else into thinking they’re good workers?

Since you can’t compete with these individuals in a fair fight, why not beat them at their own game? Below are a few simple habits that will make your boss think you’re indispensible at your company, regardless of how expendable you actually are.

1. Pretend you’re stressed out

This trick is as old as time. It’s simple: more work equals more stress. If you are stressed out at work, then you must be working hard, right? Nobody stresses over emailing friends and playing computer games all day. I’m not saying you should fake a mental breakdown, but running around, looking worried, and showing other signs of stress can certainly go a long way. Can’t fake it? Try drinking a few extra cups of coffee a day and then try not to look stressed.

2. Always write things down

Have you ever attended a meeting where someone is incessantly jotting down notes on everything that is being said? Looks like they’re really working hard doesn’t it? It’s just like taking notes in class. For some reason, simply carrying around a notebook or legal pad makes you look busy and important. It gives the illusion that you have so much going on that you have to write it all down or you’ll forget something important. Even if you don’t feel like taking notes, just doodle in your notebook. Just make sure that no one see’s what you’re actually doing.

3. CC your boss on everything!

You’d be surprised what cc’ing your boss on a few choice emails a day can do for your career. It’s like saying, “Hey, look how much work I’m doing”. So what if sending those couple of emails was all you did all day? As far as your boss is concerned, you’re on top of everything! It also shows your boss that you’re keeping them in the loop, which they love!

4. Become your bosses right hand

Be the first to tell your boss what’s going on within the company. Who cares if everyone else has known for days? Tell your boss the printer is low on toner or that the snack room is depleted. Little things like this will give your boss the impression that you are on top of everything in the office. Eventually, they will come to you when they have a question and that’s a great position to be in.

5. Ask a lot of questions

Next time there is company meeting be the person that won’t let the meeting end. When it comes to the Q and A section of the meeting ask the questions that no one cares about. Ask broad business questions like “How will this affect our bottom line?” or “What’s the return on investment here?” For a double whammy, write down your bosses answers to your questions in your notepad. This shows that you are so invested in the company that you want to know everything that is going on, even if the information is not pertinent to your daily work.