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Shop Easy with Wayfair's Sales and Service Squad

At Wayfair, part of Wayfair, our mission is to make your shopping experience easy. That's why we provide any information you may need, whether it's before you place your order or while you're waiting for delivery. You'll have access around the clock to your Account, which you can peek at using the helpful links to the right. You can also call, email or chat with our Sales and Service Squad seven days a week. Here's how you can reach us:

  • Call us at 1300 900 675 8.30am-6pm AEST Mon-Fri
  • Email us at any time by clicking here.
  • Click "Chat Now" at the right-hand side of the screen.

You can also browse through our more common questions:

Why Shop with Wayfair?

Here are a few reasons why we're confident you'll become a lifelong Wayfair shopper:

Selection We have the largest selection and variety on the web for any product you can think of. As the largest online retailer of home furniture, we additionally offer everything from baby toys to generators to office supplies. It's easy to find exactly what you're looking for among our thousands of choices with only a few clicks. And if you ever want help, you can always call, email, or chat with the Sales Squad.

Service Whether you're thinking about buying or you've already made a purchase, our Sales and Service Squad is here to help. We're always eager to find you the perfect product and answer any questions you have. When you place your order, we'll update you on the status and tackle any requests you have.

Quality We sell merchandise from the top brands in the world, from Serta mattresses to Steelcase office chairs to Graco strollers. We stand behind the quality of our products, which is why we provide Quality Ratings for everything we sell and will replace anything that's not up to par.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Wayfair, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction. If you're not happy with something, let us know within 30 days of delivery. We'll refund you the cost of the item minus return shipping costs. We offer store credit as an option as well.

To learn more about our return policy and how to set up a return, you can click here.

Industry Associations

Click here for BBB Business Review Better Business Bureau
We're a BBB Accredited Business, meeting all BBB membership standards as well as BBBOnline standards, including the Code of Online Business Practices.

Nextag Seller Nextag
Nextag has recognized us as a Trusted Merchant, as we actively solicit consumer feedback to ensure that we're providing the highest level of customer service.

We're a member of the National Home Furnishings Association (NHFA), the nation's largest organization devoted specifically to the needs and interests of home furnishings retailers. NHFA's membership encompasses 2,800 corporate entities that represent 10,000 stores in the US and several foreign countries.

As a CEDIA certified company, we're among a select group of dedicated experts in audio visual equipment. Our membership shows that we are proven professionals committed to more than just a quick sale.

The National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA) includes us in their not-for-profit trade organization, which provides quality products, excellent service, and great prices to the school market.

Casual Furniture Retailers Casual Furniture Retailers
We're a proud member of the Casual Furniture Retailers Association, a group of dedicated professionals in the casual furniture industry.

InfoComm International® InfoComm International®
As a member of InfoComm International®, we're recognized by the leading nonprofit association to serve the professional AV communications industry worldwide.

Futon Association International Futon Association International
Being a leading futon retailer, we're part of Futon Association International, an organization for companies that do business in the futon and sleep industry.

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